Book By Donald Snider


Beyond the Bling

Real Steps to Financial Success

 Most successful people will tell you that they did not achieve success overnight, more often it is a journey. In this book, Donald Snider shares the experiences and life lessons he has learned while on his journey to becoming successful. As he shares his story, it becomes evident that he works hard not only to maintain, but to continuously surpass the level of success he has achieved.


This book serves as a guide to becoming a success not only in business, but in life. His generous personality and exceptional character make Donald Snider a remarkable businessman, but more importantly they make him and extraordinary person. His story is an inspiration to all.

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Don Snider’s book,”Beyond the Bling” is a must read for anyone who is willing to take charge of his/her financial future. Don narrates his life as an entrepreneur while following closely the life of the Prophet Elijah at the Brook Cherith. His sole dependence on God’s provisional nature is a refreshing view that should lead anyone to a renewed faith in God and the knowledge that he has an assigned place of blessing for us to experience and enjoy. I highly recommend this book!

Bishop Alfred D. Knight Jr.
Prelate Michigan Northwestern Harvest Jurisdiction Church of God in Christ, Inc.


It is real spiritual wisdom, that properly applied will change your personal and professional lives. Don has captured real events and transformed them into life changing lessons that inspire action, spiritual growth and prudent decision making
Lawrence Jackson
Managing Member of Emerging Enterprise Group, L.L.C.


Good book-great anecdotes for financial literacy. Catchy title that goes to the heart of today’s consumerism. An easy read with real world understanding. I fully endorse. Should be on the coffee table of every American family.
Greg Jackson
President/CEO Prestige Automotive


“With the keen insight of a scholar, the compelling voice of a biblical prophet, and the urgent compassion of a transformational business leader, Donald Snider focuses on a key issue that will benefit anyone who will listen to his sound advice. Anyone who wishes to succeed in life should read this book.”
Tony C. Henderson, M.Div., D.Min.
Founding Pastor, Resurrection Christian Center, Detroit, MI


Beyond the Bling”, teaches a holistic approach to live in financial peace. Thank you Donald for a breakthrough to Economic Empowerment.
Gail Perry-Mason
Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.


Wow !!!! ” Beyond The Bling” is a modern day classic. Don Snider masterfully brought home the fact that true wealth is not about money. This book is a blue print for fiscal responsibility and a wonderful example of financial literacy. Beyond The Bling is the real thing.
Ken Brown
Award Winning Author-“A Leap Of Faith”
International Success Coach/Trainer


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