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Donald works tirelessly to teach others the concepts and ideas that have made him successful. Through his books and seminars he teaches and encourages people to look at business and life with a sense of empowerment and of endless possibilities.

I don’t consider myself strictly a business owner; I am an entrepreneur. I love to tackle new opportunities and create business entities from scratch. Entrepreneurship offers one of the best for getting ahead. Yes, it takes risk. It takes getting out of our comfort zones. But plenty of opportunities await us.

Donald Snider

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Donald Snider is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the President and CEO of Metro Business Connect LLC as well as the non-profit, CBA Formula Inc. He has extensive experience in public and private administration including positions as an executive, franchise restaurant owner/supervisor, and finance developer.

Donald was the President and CEO of Paper-Plas Converting, Inc., which converted industrial paper products, packaged aftermarket parts, and performed light assembly. The company was a Tier-One Automotive Supplier with locations in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati. He was also the founder of Abbeville Treats, Inc., a food distributor to Ford Field and other stadiums.

Throughout his life, Donald has had a strong commitment to empowering the community. In 2007, he worked on developing a community bank where he served as the Chairman of First Spirit Bancorp. The mission of the bank was to serve the unserved and the underserved citizens of Detroit.

For his commitment to making a difference and his entrepreneurial endeavors, Donald has received numerous appointments and has been the recipient of many awards. In 2009, he published his first book, “Beyond the Bling: Real Steps to Financial Success.”


Beyond the Bling

Real Steps to Financial Success

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Most successful people will tell you that they did not achieve success overnight, more often it is a journey. In this book, Donald Snider shares the experiences and life lessons he has learned while on his journey to becoming successful. As he shares his story, it becomes evident that he works hard not only to maintain, but to continuously surpass the level of success he has achieved.

This book serves as a guide to becoming a success not only in business, but in life. His generous personality and exceptional character make Donald Snider a remarkable businessman, but more importantly they make him and extraordinary person. His story is an inspiration to all.